Wednesday, 17 June 2015

How To Get Startup Funding For Your Apps

Many great web app development ideas die a premature death simply because the developer is unable to procure required funds. Sadly, these people do not know about some fantastic options out there that can be tailored to their needs. The aim of investors is to make profits using ideas of others, so you can easily approach them to get the start you require to get your app off the floor and right into the hands of users. So, why would someone extend you a loan to fulfill your dreams? If you can show them the promise and entice enough, obtaining the Startup Funding you seek is going to be your last problem.

However, market studies show that it is seldom ideas that initiate an investor to agree with your project unless validated with effective number of downloads or customer orders. Numerous ideas tend to be along similar lines. So, what make yours so great and different from these others? Only your end users can prove your capabilities by making your web app development popular. Similar ideas differ greatly in execution; and if you can prove that your style of execution works, the rest automatically falls into place.

Do you know there are other ways to raise funds than approaching the investor? What are these methods that every app developer should know about?

a)    Bootstrapping: This is the most natural way to bring your ideas to fruition. This simply means falling back on your investments, savings, and income from existing job and alternate business sources to get the funding you require. No doubt this is risky business, but if you are confident of mobile app possibilities, going ahead makes sense. The great thing about this kind of arrangement is that you need not collect the entire amount in a single month. You can always put something aside on a regular basis and build up the corpus slowly. This way your financial situation remains manageable even if your grand idea fails to live up to expectations.

b)    Getting Loans: People can avail loans as the most popular startup funding option and follow their dreams. Here, you will need to show solid plans to the lender and get them to extend money. Your business plan should be accompanied by relevant revenue projections and in-depth market research. In this kind of plan you need to remain prepared for all queries that lenders might put forward. You must give them a killer proposal that will be impossible to resist.

c)    Revenue Sharing: If you lack in persuasion capabilities, revenue sharing with capable developer can be your way out of the fix. Display your potential of revenue generation and you might get them interested. An experienced developer might just be the factor to tilt the scale in your favor.

These are just a few ways of getting your business off the floor and that is why having experts at work is important. You can visit us at Appster

Monday, 15 June 2015

The Best App Ideas For B2B Mobile

The best app idea is the one that involves beautiful and useful designs,followed by successful launches. In spite of a burgeoning market, B2B developers are reticent to design apps for mobile as they are not sure about its acceptability and associated ROI. So, here is a great chance to get your creative juices to flow with these interesting ideas offering full customization option to users and ensuring some real results for a change.

·       App for supply-order: Suppliers for business products can use such app ideas that allow people to order new supplies using product bar code photographs. Users can store billing and shipping information securely, edit quantities, or quickly procure additional supplies. Developers can make life easy for suppliers by researching purchase history and push notifications concurring with probable low-supply situations. You can include notifications related to shipping status, recommended products, and reviews for best effects.

·        ROI calculator: Many business people are constantly worried about their ROI, and this Innovative App Idea can allow quick calculations for easy sales and complete satisfaction.

·         Event app:Create event-specific apps exhibiting speaker bios, contact information provided by attendees, session schedules, and maps for networking. Users can push out social media messages directly from app.

·         Code generator:If you cater to a market where users undertake online designs, giving them a code generator for active use is good marketing strategy. A marketer who does not know much about HTML can use related code generator for creating great e-mail campaign successfully.

·         Networking app: By leveraging location-aware smartphone capabilities, you can let customers or prospects find people for networking. This is another interesting app idea that will quickly attract many takers.

·         App for security alerts: Online security is one of the major concerns among people. You can create an app for delivery of security alerts and find a ready market to tap. From alerts about open garage doors to break-ins, there is a need for all of this.

·         App for software features: Those related to software companies can benefit from apps to let people know about particular software features on their mobile devices. All updates and patches can be uploaded.

·         App for segmenting content: That creating high-volume content on a regular basis can benefit from app ideas that allow readers to select specific topics. They may receive updates when something new is published in relation to their chosen subject. This holds true for general information and news apps.

·         Calculator app: These, as the name implies, are for obtaining results through quick calculations related to common formulae. With time, such apps will make their place in the industry as helpful and reliable resources, becoming part of daily lives.

App for legal compliance: Customers related to regulated industries will benefit from apps offering government guideline results, answers to legal questions, or providing safety requirement. This will let people know about their compliance needs with ease. Click Appster for more Idaes

Friday, 12 June 2015

App Developer Brisbane - Factors Driving Growth Of Mobile Game Applications

For every app developer in Brisbane,creation of successful game applications have always proved to be a lucrative endeavor as ready market always remains available. As New zoo recently reported, by 2017 the game market worldwide will reach a staggering $102.9 billion. Annual compound growth rate of this market is +8.1%. While demands have existed for some time, recent years have shown staggering rise in popularity of game apps in tandem with rise in tablet and smartphone sales. The number of app downloads increased significantly through the years as number of internet mobile subscribers rose. For Game App Developers, this surely is a cause to rejoice.

As market for tablets and mobile phone grows from 2013 figures of $17.6 billion to $35.4 billion, market for global games will reach $102.9 billion in 2017 as per projected figures. Mobile gaming is irresistible because it helps to push revenue generation substantially. As every App Developer In Brisbane should know, in the world of mobile gaming nothing is as important as associated revenue model. Three major models are mainly available,
·         Ad-supported free games-free model
·         In-app purchase and free download option - freemium model
·         Full-featured apps with one-time fee-paid model

Out of all these revenue models, the freemium model is the most popular one with gamers. Not only is the app free for users, but it offers in-app purchase integration. Users can go for enhanced gaming experiences that include bonus characters, various levels of game play, powers, and enhancements. Paid games obviously generate revenues based upon game sales price,but studies show that freemium options generate more profits in the end. This is important news for game app developers as they can choose their options based upon associated ROIs.

For those looking to jump into the bandwagon, gaming apps are here to stay and evolve into trendier options. From 3D virtual games to the baby iPad games, everything needs apps. And it is lucrative career option for developers all over the world. With constant revenue generation, more companies are looking for experienced developers.  

Freemium games work the best simply because they offer ongoing revenue generation stream with in-app purchases. Paid apps follow these closely when it comes to bulk of market share in the mobile gaming industry. An emerging trend in game app development is the presence of second screen or companion apps. These are complementary while adding options and features to primary products. Now smartphone users can use their devices as second console game screen, show RPG game inventory, map racing games, and enhance gen next experiences.

App Developer In Brisbane needs to integrate social media features with game apps they develop as these are must-have features. It not only offers multi player options but adds to its social and competitive aspects. This, today, is the key driver to initiate growth of gaming industry as everybody wants to connect with a bigger audience. Visit for more Mobile Game Applications.