Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Things To Avoid For Every Android Developer

With numerous Smartphone flooding the market every day, there is a rising demand for apps that solve specific problems or make the life of people easier. An in-depth andinsightful research have pointed out that 89% of people using their mobile devices do it via their apps opening up a world of opportunities for the android developer. With so much at stake, it is quite natural that professionals have the right strategies in place to make sure that the programs not only find success but also keep generating revenues long-term. Here is what you can avoid to optimize your chances of success as an android developer.

Consideration For Increasing Screen Sizes

Bigger is better is true everywhere but not as much as in case of mobile screens. Users want larger and better views and the manufacturers are quite happy to fulfill this need. For the developers this means creating apps that appear beautifully on these larger screen sizes. While those who are developing new programs, do not find it much difficult, companies with existing apps find it limiting. They have to update or retrofit their products according to the new age requirements. 

Super-size it what public craves so it is up to the android developer to make sure that their programs do not suffer because of this. Smartphone today is a device hybrid, a preferred, common way to interact. As a result, bigger screens tend to give better results. Brand-new and exciting display technologies are making such screens possible. It is quite crucial for e-commerce platform where the better the view of the products your customers get, increased are your chances of ensuring sales. Besides the sizes, the programmers also need to consider the orientation of the screens. This ensures a consistency in user experience.

Do Not Ignore Compatibility With Older Versions

It is wrong to think that everybody uses the latest and the most happening Smartphone devices. These being expensive are not always possible for people to buy as soon as they hit the market. Therefore as Android Developer, you need to consider the requirements of people with limited purchase capabilities. This is especially true for markets in the developing countries. Besides this, there is also need to consider Smartphone fidelity. Many people actually love their older phones and want to use it for times to come. With your application development, you simply cannot ignore these people or you will be losing a big chunk of your market.

Do Not Ignore Memory Usage And High Battery

The most crucial resources associated with every Smartphone are the related memory and battery. The main reason people uninstall apps after purchase is because of crashes, freezing, or heavy depletion of battery. So as android developer you need to emphasize on these points to ensure the uniform acceptability of your program. Appster is the best choice to find Android Developers

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