Friday, 4 September 2015

Android Studio For App Development Companies

Some of the major Smartphone devices today operate on android. It is expected that applications in future have to do with cars, smart watches, and laptops. Its popularity with App Development Companies is naturally quite high as many clients approach them for such creative solutions. Being open source it saves money with immediate publishing option as an added benefit. Two of the major platforms used in this purpose are Eclipse and Android Studio (AS). Whatever the platform you use, the incredible opportunities for growth associated with it is not available much elsewhere. App development companies prefer to use Android Studio over Eclipse because of certain reasons. If you have been looking for a company for app development, it is good to do a little research before you hire them. 

Eclipse is unable to handle bulk projects simultaneously. So, it is prone to crashes from time to time. Those looking for a stable IDE love to use AS. In this regard, it is worthwhile to note that there is no competition betweenEclipse and Android Studio. These work independently from each other. So you can always use the former for varying programming language groups or distinctive platforms. The beauty of AS is that its conception is completely related to the app creation scenario. As such it becomes a natural favorite of app development companies that want to optimize the benefits for different projects.

So what are the benefits associated with Android Studio that makes this such a favorite with the developers everywhere? Here are some important reasons to consider.

Gradle Integration

The build system associated with Gradle is well developed with android. However, those who want to use Eclipse may do so as well since Apache Ant is the build prime system based on robust XML. This is ideal for Java developers well versed with this language.

User Interface

Menu items and tools associated with the AS allow the developers to reach their targets more easily and fast compared to the same ones associated with Eclipse. App development companies use AS because its development was tailored to the needs of the android. Eclipse on the other hand will work well on all platforms and with every language.

Code Advanced Completion

Auto completion of Java code is automatic with both Eclipse and Android Studio. However, seasoned developers know very well that it is easy with the latter compared to the former. The more one spends time with the code grinding better become the code completion value.

Project Organization

Project organization and management associated with both these platforms are completely different. For the app development companies this means the choice of the right one for the specific needs. The benefit of android studio is that it will allow code management and organizations via different modules. Use of separate build Gradle files signifies statement of personal dependencies. It appears quite natural especially in comparison to Eclipse. If you are searching some exciting mobile Apps, Visit Appster

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