Tuesday, 15 December 2015

App Developer Using Laralevel PHP

One of the popular frameworks for app developer is Laralevel PHP. It helps in the development of more sustainable, better codes fast. This in turn leads to easy to use apps. The inbuilt concepts and features associated with this, saves time, increasing competitiveness and productivity. Some key features associated with this include:

·         caching and queues
·         eloquent ORM
·         events and authentication

Eloquent ORM helps the App Developer in relational mapping of objects. It is for implementation of ActiveRecord using database. One no longer has to write the SQL queries. Programmers only need to define database tables with interrelations and leave the rest to Eloquent. Database files contain specific model/class for effective table interaction. Some of these functions associated with Laralevel include fetching rows, use of primary keys for fetching rows, row filtering, updates, and inserts.

In spite of numerous, Eloquent database functions, one may also use the query builder for creating Laralevel SQL queries. For authentication, one can use the associated pre-installed libraries. These offers easy implementations with numerous advanced features like checking of user activities, Bycrypt hashing, CSRF protection, encryption, and password reset. Events associated with Laralevel allow class to listen to and subscribe for events in apps.

App developer can easily remove or add tasks and execute these easily whenever events happen. With Queues associated with Laralevel you can postpone time-consuming task execution as desired. This in turn helps to increase the speed of site execution.Laralevel queue offers integrations with popular services for queuing. Those who want can also use local systems for queue. Besides the basic caching system like storage of objects in database or file, you can integrate it with popular system for caching as well.

As a result, it is ideal for implementation with both large and small apps. Other features associated with Laralevel PHP include features such as session management, localization, pagination, HTML helper, and form functions. It also supports libraries to send e-mails. Besides this, the app developer can also make the full use of advanced characters that help with the app deployment and testing.

Better testing with faster deployment is the main benefits associated with Laralevel PHP. It supports database seeding. This means addition of test sample data into databases. It is possible to simplify this process with seeding built-in classes associated with the platform. This also helps with database migrations that work as software for version control. For the app developer this means modification of database schema with updates to current states. 

These migration classes are present in migration/database directory utilizing schema builders for programmatic deletion and creation of tables. Such database migration helps in extension of migration classes and contains two functions,

·         down
·         up

Unit testing possible with Laralevel refers to a testing method for software that allows testing of individual code units. This helps to ensure that the code runs perfectly leading to a seamless app later on. For Latest exciting features visit Appster

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