Thursday, 17 December 2015

Important Design Tips For App Development

Whether, you are doing app development for iOS or the android platform the associated design pose a big challenge. In order to get the best results the following tips can come in handy.

Keeping The Focus: users love the apps they can launch, use, and forget within seconds once it serves the primary purpose. If they have to pass through multiple menu levels before they can achieve productivity, you are unknowingly deterring them from using your programs. Consider this during design. You need to have quick play apps that don’t have too many considerations to select from.

Appropriate Use of Back Button: back button associated with native OS should remain relevant in App Development for android platform. In iOS, software controls this button, the users expect it on the left-hand top corner. Location and behavior of the back button is mostly platform specific. As such, it makes sense that the design elements you incorporate meet user expectations.

Keyword Considerations: multiple screens associated with mobile apps may take keyboard inputs. For a designer it is important to determine the appearance of the screen once the keyboard becomes visible there. The user should have adequate on-screen context to view their activities even upon activation of this on-screen keyboard.

Placeholder Considerations: with few input fields for data, placeholders within the field will make program appear clean. When more, field labels tend to be more relevant as placeholders prove to be confusing in that case. This is another crucial design consideration during app development.

Feature Challenges:earlier developers would add as many features as the code in the developed apps. Today quality has taken precedence over quantity. What looked good in a desktop environment does not work that well on mobile devices. It is important for the developer to determine the usefulness of the app before incorporation. Something that is just marginally important will simply clutter the interface and slow down navigation.

Correct Placement of Tabs: primary tabs on iOS platforms appear as icons at bottom part of window. Users can apply this for switching between various app topics. Android users however expect this at window top portion. Professionals need to consider such placement differentiation during app development.

Button Sizes: simplistic designs work the best but if you are planning to squeeze in additional buttons than required, it may not work well. Pinch zooming for getting to the correct hyperlink takes much time and patience. This will deter people from using your app.

Placement of The Buttons: when users hold Smartphone, they can use their thumbs to reach bottom portion of the screen. Similarly, those who are right-handed can easily access bottom right portions and left-handed people the bottom left portions. You should make the best use of this knowledge when designing for one-handed use.Ensure success of app development with perfect UI design, it is more important than functionality and speed.  Keep Visiting Appster to learn more.

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