Friday, 9 October 2015

Key Features Of Android Developer To Note While Building Apps

In this fast paced technological world, consumers will discard an app if they don’t benefit from it. After all, consumers have thousands of options today. They can easily leave one, and switch on to the other, and use the one that best suits their needs and purposes. One of the most occurring feedbacks with such apps is that they do not work most of the times. The unstable and sluggish apps also disappear from the market within a short time. Customer feedbacks and ratings also make hundreds of potential down loader skip the idea of using the same app. This might sound harsh, but this is exactly the way it works. 

Taking The Right Decision:

It is important to understand that the success of an app not happens by chance, but is he outcome of the right strategies which have been implemented correctly. A successful Android Developer has to lay focus on the effectiveness, and performance of the app. In fact, lots of examples can be found of how a software developer might be wrong with the app. Moreover, it is also important to remember that the app can have different usages in various platforms.

Identifying The Common Problems:

Right from the beginning of app development, different developers have experienced different problems for their android apps. However, some of the recurring problems that an Android Developer faces are of the functioning of software and hardware.You will get other software related to the app while designing it. The presence of these different software will affect the performance of the app. Platform fragmentation, for instance can be tough for developers as well as the users. 

Preference Of Android:

Now the question that arises in the context is why android instead of iOS. Well, the answer lies in the fact that android has several forms and shapes. Therefore the price varies with ten different OEMs. As a result, adeveloper prefers to be more an Android Developer than for any other platform. Moreover, the infrastructure of the operating system is such that it is robust and provides platform that supports middleware, Linux Kernel and various other software. Customization is more prevalent in android than any other platform in general. As a developer, you have to keep all these factors in mind while creating the app.

The Stumbling Block:

One of the major stumbling blocks for android like any other open source platform is the customizability. This is one of the major factors that expose the platform to different problems. An Android Developer must be aware of the concept of fragmentation and it is a point of differentiation for OEMs. In the recent years, OEMs for android have developed their user interfaces on top of vanilla android. This is also a significant source of fragmentation that affects many developers. Legacy software tailored only for android also prevents developers from making their apps to work similarly in different devices. Take the help of a proficient developer who has in-depth knowledge of all these technical issues, offering you with effective solution. Contact us at Appster

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