Monday, 5 October 2015

Basic But Crucial Factors To Remember For Android Development

There is no denying that Android promises some of the most exciting opportunities for users. The open platform in its incarnation is outside of what is expected in desktops, mobile phones and tablets. In the future, hundreds of weird and wonderful products will come, but the adoption to smartphone in android will not slow down so soon. After all, Android Development is associated with lots of exciting opportunities for the future. The best part is that it is easy to get started with android. The full contents of the source code are easily available online with comprehensive documentation and a friendly community for help. 

Reserving The Name Space:

The android market of Google uses the package name that helps in uniquely identifying your app among the thousands of other apps available in the market. If you know that you will go for Android Development and release a certain application, it is a good idea to get into the space early and make sure that you reserve it. This will certainly help you in great numbers of ways. The next important thing required in this context is to listen to the users. Try to analyze the comments and feedbacks on the android market and make a list of requests that users demand. This will clear many of your misconceptions and you can implement the right thing.

Using The Platform Patterns Of Android:

There is no denying that everybody wants their applications to be unique. However, there is a common saying that in order to break the rules, you must know the rules. After all, there are lots of apps in the market, but not all are successful. Therefore, before you start cutting out your unique niche for Android Development, try to fit into the way that people are using the apps. If you are successful in tying with the existing habits, it will help you to get access to an eager and well educated group of users. 

Encourage People In Different Ways:

In the course of developing the application, you should try to encourage people in different ways so that they share information in and out of your app. The platform intents is one of the most common ways of sharing the functionality. If you expose intents to your application, you might find benefits in lots of ways. It might even be documented in the official Google developer material. Declare that you are free to obtain feedbacks and see how users flock into your app through normal ways.

Offer The Expected Basics:

Once you have shared the functionality of your app, try to offer the expected basics. Before taking any new directions, try sharing information regarding the functionality of the app and the presentation in the user interface. Action bars, dashboards, search bars and widgets are expected when you install Android Development. If you are not offering these, the users will be forced to learn something new before using your app. Try to use a framework so that you can give a head start to the common aspects of the user interface. You can visit us at Appster

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