Thursday, 22 October 2015

Android Development Helps Build, Test, And Distribute Apps

Through the years, the growth of android development has been unprecedented with 200,000,000+ users today with the numbers growing constantly as well. Businesses looking to conquer brand-new vistas and reaching out to maximum number of users will find it highly useful and lucrative. Malware, fragmentation, and the seeming complexity associated with this operating system may deter the novice developers. However, as one gets in-depth into the system they understand the high flexibility associated with it that can actually aid in the android development process instead of hampering. 

Scalability of the applications you build is extremely important. Devices running on android can be of different sizes and forms. With 600+ options available to the buyers, the environment is already quite tough. New introductions are making this more complex than ever before. It is important to create software that runs with equal aplomb on all screen sizes and resolution. This is not going to be much difficult for the android developers because the creation of this platform was with this point in mind. It offers a host of tools that aid the professional in his or her work. During Android Development,it is important to consider the scalability related to each component with interrelationships between them as well.

Such philosophy offers much similarity to the app design for the web instead of iOS development. Right from android 4.0 the platform is offering continuum unifying the various devices each running the same OS versions. With this operating system, the clear demarcation between the phone and the tablet no longer exists. Nowadays, it is impossible to demarcatetechnically whether a particular app runs on the phone or the tablet. One may however, check the various associated features such as the screen size during runtime. This is where the similarities withweb designis clearly visible. New design technologies are making it possible for the websites to form fit according to the screen size.

Android development can also make the best use of such features and ensure the highest possible user satisfactions. Here the limitations related to the browsers do not apply because responsive designs expand the scope even further. For the developers this means a chance to go for multiple layout definition related to each apps screen. During runtime, the OS will automatically pick up the best fit. In order to help the OS to recognize this, the developers have to define it in the layout folder. Another important part of android development is use of fragments for responsive design implementations.

It is possible to program this based upon stand-alone screens; others may display it with the fragments. The highly powerful ones offer scope for both. Developers can rearrange fragments as desired besides the scope to move these deeper inside activity stack. This helps to compile and run it faster. Testing and quality checks are other key aspects of a successful app launch. Click Here to know why you should choose Appster

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